Zyban Is Bupropion

Zyban, Zyban SR, are brands which feature the active substance bupropion hydrochloride.

The purpose of these brands is to help people suffering from nicotine addiction to quit the smoking habit.

Zyban for quitting smoking in Australia

Bupropion, however, was originally developed and distributed as a medicine for depression under the brand Wellbutrin. Eventually it was observed that patients taking Wellbutrin lost the desire to smoke, and eventually ditched the habit altogether without much effort. Hence research and development was started to employ bupropion also as a contra-nicotine addiction medicine. This version came to be branded as Zyban.

Zyban Is Sold in the Form of Tablets

Zyban is meant to be taken orally and comes in the form of sustained-release tablets containing 150 mg bupropion. ‘Sustained-release’ implies that the medicine is distributed into the bloodstream evenly which gives it a stable blood concentration level throughout the day.

Active Ingredient

150 mg bupropion hydrochloride. The medicine also contains auxiliary substances.

How Does Zyban Work

The exact reasons why bupropion can beat nicotine addiction are unknown. It is assumed that this function is derived from the medicine’s noradrenergic and / or dopaminergic functions. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter involved in feelings of pleasure and plays an important role in addiction. By sustaining the level of dopamine concentrations in the brain, the patient will feel less need for nicotine.

Zyban vs Champix

As stated, bupropion somehow sustains the sensations of happiness and alertness in the brain, reducing the need to smoke.

Varenicline, the active substance in Champix, stimulates the same receptors in the brain that are susceptible to nicotine, basically replacing nicotine (without being addictive itself), so that the patient can more easily leave the source of nicotine.

Both medicines have been proven successful to quit smoking.

The Difference Between Zyban and Wellbutrin

The two products are the same as they both contain bupropion, however Zyban is marketed for nicotine addiction whereas Wellbutrin is marketed for depression. They work in exactly the same regions in the brain, but administration differs and they have different instruction leaflets adjusted to either purpose and chosen audience.

Zyban’s Disease Contraindications

When medicines and diseases interact they can  produce unwanted symptoms. 

Zyban, just the same, may interact in unwanted ways.

Please be cautious, inform your medical doctor and read the medicine’s instruction document carefully if you fall under any of the categories underneath:

  • you are sensitive to seizures 

Caution is advised in case you have risk for developing seizure disorder because medical products that contain bupropion potentially trigger seizures and accumulate each other’s effects.

  • you are hypersensitive to allergic responses. Stop using Zyban and talk to a medical doctor if you have any of these symptoms of allergy:
    • rash on your skin;
    • hives on your skin;
    • pain in the chest;
    • respiratory issues;
    • edema;
  • you suffer from delayed hypersensitivity. If you do you could experience following side effects:
    • myalgia;
    • arthralgia;
    • fever;
    • rash;
  • you suffer from insomnia. You can counter this potential side effect by avoiding to take Zyban close to bedtime and if needed your doctor could lower your last dose of the day
  • you suffer from neuropsychiatric phenomena The medicine can enhance the following phenomena: 
    • psychotic episodes
    • feeling confused;
    • manic episodes
    • … 
  • you have cardiovascular issues
    • in this case Zyban can cause high blood pressure, sometimes so high that you need immediate treatment;
  •  you have renal (kidneys) or hepatic (liver) impairment

Zyban’s Interactions With Other Treatments

If you want to use one or more of the treatments underneath, while using Zyban, please first consult your medical doctor and read the instruction leaflets of both products carefully.

  1. Drugs 
  • that influence the CYP2B6 enzyme;
  • that stimulate the function of bupropion;
  • that inhibit bupropion;
  • that are metabolised by the CYP2D6 enzyme:
    • some antidepressants;
    • antipsychotics;
    • beta-blockers;
    • certain antiarrhythmics;
  • levodopa;
  • that lower your seizure threshold:

Make sure to check your medicines’ instruction leaflets if any medicine you use falls within mentioned categories! Also always double-check with your medical doctor!

  1. Treatments 
  • that lower your body’s natural seizure resistance:
  • going cold-turkey on benzodiazepines;

Zyban and Alcohol

What will happen when you combine Zyban with alcohol depends on your genetic makeup and tolerance.

It is not advised to mix them as they can produce both mild, moderate and severe side effects in you.

If you:

  • feel dizzy;
  • feel sluggy;
  • find hives on your skin;
  • feel drowsy;
  • experience itching;
  • experience shortness of breath;
  • have a cardiac arrest;
  • experience palpitations;
  • experience respiratory depression;
  • have seizures;

you should head over to your local emergency room immediately.

Mixing alcohol and Zyban can even make you fall into a coma or cause death.

Common Side Effects of Zyban

Please talk to your medical doctor in case any of the following side effects appear:

  • difficulty sleeping;
  • strange dreams;
  • anxiousness;
  • difficulty concentrating;
  • feeling dizzy;
  • coryza;
  • dry mouth;
  • weakness;
  • fever;
  • headache;
  • indigestion;
  • winds;
  • vomiting;
  • turbulence;
  • depression;
  • prickliness;
  • lazy eye.

How to Take Zyban and Quit Smoking

Zyban over the counter

Zyban and Zyban SR contain Sustained Release tablets that have a longer, evenly distributed release of the substance into the bloodstream, which means that the level of bupropion in the blood will be stable throughout the day.

The Prescribed Zyban Treatment
Day 1 – 3150 mg / day given in 2 dosesAt the start of the treatment a ‘quit day’ is chosen in week 1 or 2, from which point you should not smoke any longer.
Day 4 – 49
(first 7 weeks)
300 mg / day given in 2 dosesIf you are still smoking by day 49, treatment should stop. If not smoking, treatment can continue up to 12 weeks
Day 50 – 84
(7 – 12 weeks)
300 mg / day given in 2 doses If you are still not smoking a medical doctor can decide to prolong your treatment beyond 12 weeks, depending on the patients constitution.
Day 85 – end
(beyond 12 weeks)
300 mg/day given in 2 dosesTreatment beyond 6 months can proof a risk in terms of long-term side effects.

Because it takes about one week of treatment before bupropion reaches the concentration levels in the blood it needs to be fully functional, your doctor will ask you to stop smoking only after one or two weeks into the treatment. For this purpose he and you pin together, at the start of the treatment, a ‘quit date’ on the calendar. Preferably during the second week of treatment. On which day you must stop smoking completely.

By default you follow the treatment for a period of either 7 or 12 weeks, depending on your doctor’s initial judgement of what is most beneficial for you.

If you still are relapsing into lighting up cigarettes by the 7th week it is doubtful you are able to stop now and it’s probably better to halt the treatment.

Now if you can, on the contrary,  stay off of the cigarette for a good 7 weeks of treatment, or more , up to 12, it could be useful to lengthen your treatment beyond 12 weeks, on your doctor’s discretion.

When your doctor decides it’s time to call it quits with the treatment, you can simply stop taking Zyban from one day to the other as Zyban is not addictive and there are no ill side effects reported related to quitting. It is however important that the patient receives guidance throughout the whole process, also after the tablet-intake ended.

Zyban IS Available in Australia!

Aussies (and visitors) can get Zyban now in all Australian states. The same goes for those living in New Zealand.

Do You Need a Prescription For Zyban?

Just like in most countries Australians cannot buy Zyban over the counter. This means you first need to consult a licensed medical doctor, and if he/she deems that your health can benefit from taking the medicine, you will receive a prescription statement. With this prescription you can visit any local pharmacy to order and buy Zyban.

Can I Buy Zyban Online in Australia?

You can also buy Zyban in the renown Chemist Warehouse and other, similar, licensed online pharmaceutic platforms. Doing so brings with it the benefit that you save effort: you don’t need to leave your home and although medicines bought online might be a tad costlier, the money you save by not having to travel and not having to pay a doctor you visit separately makes up for this and will probably give you profit. Both consultation and shopping can be done through your computer and internet connection. While  it does take a day to receive the package, you save lots of time and effort that you can use for other useful purposes.

How Is Zyban Reviewed By The Internet Community?

The overall tenor of posts and reviews on Zyban on social media, fora and information websites is that Zyban has been crucial for many folks in ditching their cigarette. It is also true that for some this comes with side effects. But most people were glad to sacrifice by enduring those so that they could get rid of their addiction. Once stopped, in most cases, all side effects soon disappear again.

Frequently Asked Questions About Zyban
Does Zyban cause weight gain?Zyban may cause weight loss in some people and weight gain in others, but weight loss is most prevalent.
Does Zyban help you to lose weight?The active ingredient of the medicine seems to be efficient for weight-loss maintenance.
How long does Zyban remain in your system?If your body is in a healthy condition, bupropion remains present in your system for about 5 to 8 days.
How much does Zyban cost?Online prices (which include issuing prescription and delivery fee) start from AUD212.00.
Is Zyban an SSR?Bupropion is not an SSRi, it is a NDRI (norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor).
Is Zyban safe?The medicine is safe if you consult your doctor, read the instruction leaflet, and strictly adhere to the outlined instructions.
How long do Zyban side effects last?The pill can have serious side effects. When patients used bupropion for less than 6 months side effects from Zyban have mostly disappeared after stopping usage. But in some cases side effects have continued for years.
What is Zyban’s success rate?Meta analytic research tells us that, compared to people who used a placebo, about two times as many volunteers who used bupropion were able to quit and stay clean.  
What are the benefits from taking Zyban?Based on it’s record Zyban could potentially enhance your chances to quit smoking significantly.
Can you get Zyban over the counter?No, you definitely need a doctor’s prescription.
How to get, purchase and order Zyban in 2022 and 2023?The easiest way for many patients is through a legitimate online pharmaceutical platform.

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